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PPG LIC has now been superceeded by Commercial Perfomance Coating, for more information please visit: http://ppgcpc.com.au/


Thanks to an unparalleled selection of highly effective product solutions, PPG Light Industrial Coatings has established itself as the “No 1” choice for smart business operators. Indeed, PPG Light Industrial Coatings is a recognised leader in the development of innovative coatings technology and each product is formulated with specific performance characteristics to get the job done with superior efficiency and performance.

Amongst the extensive and versatile range you will find efficient products to suit virtually any application, substrate and budget. Features includes single-pack and two-pack coatings, a wide choice of colours and a variety of anti-corrosion properties to suit different needs, along with environmentally friendly product options. All PPG Light Industrial Coatings products are manufactured in Australia under strict quality control and have been specifically formulated to provide superior performance under local conditions.






The product catalogue on this website is restricted to stock items only so please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department, refer the contact us page of this website, to enquire about our extensive range and ability to manufacture products made to yuour specific requirements. This could be due to a specific colour or a technical function and our specialist chemists and technical know how, place PPG Industries and the Light Industrial Coatings division as the premier supplier of your specialty coatings requirements.